Free Gaming Items - Consoles/Games, WiiPoints, XboxLive

So, you want free consoles and games - How?

It's easy, thanks to my enormous brain, I've discovered a great site called PrizeRebel, and I've been getting free games, Xbox Live and Microsoft Points.

This is not a scam and is 100% legit I can assure you, and the
re is proof to the right of this page. Bare in mind its not just consoles and games, its any game related item, or any item you desire! I'll talk about this later on. Follow these steps, and you'll be getting your game related items.
Ok Lets get cookin'

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Steps to get your free consoles or games

Sign up for your free consoles or games by clicking here:

Done? Ok Good, wasn't th
at hard. So now you're at the frontpage, click signup to the right and enter your details, for this part I reccomend that you enter a real e-mail address (Its safe from spam) when you're signing up.

One crucial thing though, is to create a spam e-mail address at Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, this will be the account you complete offers with and will therefore be spammed like hell.

Now that you've signed up, you're ready to be
gin completing free offers so that you can earn points; which go towards your free gaming item, from an Xbox360 to a Ventrilo server.

Complete Offers to Earn points

Before we start completing offers, I highly recommend that you download this software called RoboForm which is software that fills forms out for you, this is definetly needed as you will fly through offers if you can just fill information at the click of a button.

Install RoboForm and setup your identity, now you're ready to complete offers, click on
"Available Offers" once you've logged in and you will see some offers, if you're from the UK, Canada or Australia click on your country to view offers from your country, (offers from other countries will not work).

Now select an offer you want to do, you can see next to it, there is how many points it is worth and underneath, the instructions. Don't go for the higher point offers f
irst, I'll explain this more later. Clicked on an offer? GOOD you're one step closer to getting your gaming item, now you will see a page where you will have to enter some details, complete a survey, whatever the instructions state. Then after you've signed up or completed the survey, and clicked the activation link, you've completed that offer! YAAAAYUH.

Note: You can use real or fake information but I'd say use information that looks real so you can be sure you will get the points (you'd still get points on nearly all the offers with fake info anyway)

Here are some tips on completing offers

  • Read the instructions first
  • Leave the final page you're required to do open for 1.00 - 1.30 minutes so you can get the points - if this doesn't work leave it open for Half an hour; that usually does it.
  • Click the activation link in your e-mail to secure your points
  • Clear your cookies before accessing PrizeRebel and after every offer you complete. You could use CCleaner for this
  • When you're filling in your info, be sure to use the same Real/Fake information for all offers you complete
  • Look out for a page that says "Bonus offers" or something like that, which indicates you do not need to carry on
  • Disable Pop-Up Blockers/Anti-Cookie programs as they block cookies.

Spread the word - Refer friends to do the same thing so you can earn even more points

To earn even more points, and become closer to receiving your console or game, then referring friends is the way to go. This is how it works:

If you refer say, Jay and Jay earns 10 points, then you will earn 2 points, thats getting 20% of what you're refferals get. As you begin to spread the word, these points will begin to add up and you will rake these puppies in.

Yeah... But How?

To get people to join and start earning points for you and themselves, you can use several strategies, here are some.

  1. Tell people at school, work, friends or anyone you can
  2. Post your referral link on blogs, your website, anywhere you can
  3. Join Getref - an easy to use referral program
  4. Join TrafficG - a traffic exchange site that has seen me get amazing results
  5. Join FreeViral - this is genius, you can easily get thousands of people going to your website with this program, I highly recommend it


Now all thats done and dusted, you can enjoy your free gaming item, whatever you chose to get. You can thank me by simply telling all your friends about this site.

If you need any help, or you're skeptical about this website, or anything at all you wish to enquire, then post a comment and I will reply with upmost haste (WOW did I just say that) LOL Anyway, yeah if ya need help, post a comment. Hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I have typing it (o.o)